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Palindrome Calculator


This is a short C++ program that will check if the word you enter is a palindrome or not. It does this by going over the string the user entered in reverse. This new sequence is stored as a string. The program then checks this string against the original user input. If these two strings are equal, it outputs that you have a palindrome. If not, it says that the word is not a palindrome. This is a similar to a program that I programmed in Python.

Sequence Calculator


This is a program that you can use to calculate the equation for any sequence. Currently, it works for quadratic and linear sequences. A big challenge for me doing this program was to manage all the numbers and values I would collect throughout the program, and start and stop certain calculation methods depending on the sequence. To get the program to function correctly involved me using lots of if statements to do certain steps and to iterate over my vector of values to get my numbers that I had stored.



This is a version of the game 'Hangman', made using C++. In this game you have to guess the word the computer has thought off within a certain number of tries. It is similar to the Hangman game I programmed in Python. However, this game had its own unique challenges to program. Unlike Python, string manipulation is a lot more difficult using C++, so I had to store all of my sentences in vectors so that I could manipulate individual letters.

Cube Root Calculator


This is a small program that calculates the cube root of any given number (up to 4 decimal places). This program was made by cubing all the numbers up to the users input. Once the cubed number has gone over the users number, it will do a check for accuracy. If the cubed number is more than 0.5 away from the users input, it will output that the program cannot find an accurate cube root. If not, it will output the number it has found. This method works to find numbers, but can be slow at times because to get an accurate cube root you must have a very small increment, such is the case for me when I was incrementing the cubed number by 0.0000001! I could increase the increment value to speed up the program, but that would decrease the accuracy and vice versa.