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IIMPACT is an annual conference held to hear speakers from around the world, with past speakers including the Prime Minster of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong and the Minister of Finance Heng Swee Keat. We were called in to manage and design the website for a 3 month period. My work primarly involved using a CMS to create content and to iron out any bugs within the site, along with making sure the site was fully responsive and user friendly.



This is was one of the largest projects that we have had as of now. GeoDarm was an Australian social enterprise that provided a lookup service to find resources to clients nearby, and they came to us for help in rebranding and expanding their business. In terms of my involvement with the job, it required little development work so in that aspect my job was very limited other than providing their development team with a few bits of advice. The main role I played with GeoDarm was in getting the client initially and in acting as a middle man between the design team and the GeoDarm team. From here, I communicated with both sides of the team and talked them through what was happening.

Gallivant Design 2.0


This is the new website that we made for ourselves as part of our plan to rebrand. As the developer of the website, it was one of the longest and hardest websites i've had to make so far, taking me almost 3 months and 4 drafts before I managed to crack it. It wasn't just the scale of the website that made the process so arduous, but also the fact that many aspects of the website required complex animations and effects such as on the main landing page, where we wanted to have fixed scrolling similar to Huge Inc. This was one of the major speedbumps in the development process, and this element of the website alone required me to make multiple drafts and re-drafts of the JQuery and JavaScript behind the website in order to achieve the desired affect. In the end though, the website finally came through and by rebranding we managed to attract some new clients.

Sean Asahara Photography


Here is a website we made for Sean Asahara, a photographer who is part of Faces Of UWC, who wanted to share and promote his images through a website. On his website, he wanted us to showcase his images through a number of different ways, such as slideshows and image galleries. This meant that I had to use some JavaScript, to manage the slideshow and the user input. I also had to use JavaScript for the mobile navigation menu, so that the website would be responsive, but aside from these features, the webite was built from pure HTML and CSS.

The asd difference


This is a website we made for a client who wanted to raise awareness for autism. She wanted a colourful, fun website and wanted us to make her a simple website that she could access for a presentation she was giving. She also wanted us to include plenty of images. This website was a basic one that required no animations, so it was made using HTML, CSS and a little bit of JavaScript.