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A flexible 3d game engine

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This is another game I made using the Unity3D tutorials. All the artwork and sound has been provided by them. In this game, you play as a character that must get to the other side of the warehouse without being caught by the security guards. There were lots of different scripts that went into making this game, that controlled things like the enemy movement and their AI. To play, you use your arrow keys to move, your shift key to sneak, x to shout and z to deactivate the lasers. Make suer you have the Unity Webplayer installed on your browser.Stealth Picture 1Stealth Picture 2



This is a simple Unity3D program in which you must collect all the floating cubes as fast as you can. It was my first Unity game that I ever made. I made it of a Unity3D tutorial that was on the website. This game uses C# to control the player and to make the cubes rotate and float. To play, you use your arrow keys to control the ball and make sure you have Unity Webplayer installed. Roll-A-Ball PictureRoll-A-Ball Picture 2